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Artistic Black Metal Large Statue of Goddess Laxmi Mata 23"

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Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune, love and beauty. Goddess Mahalakshmi sitting on throne with two hands holding Lotus flowers and the other two in blessing mode. By having a statue of her in your home you are inviting abundance into your home and lives. The Handmade Brass Statue of Devi Laxmi catches the eye when placed on the temple or home temple. This Magnificent statue of Mahalaxmi is a masterpiece of art made of metal in a mesmerizing look. Thus this statue is specially worshiped on Diwali Festival and also daily. Place this wonderful statue of Laxmi in your home and let the vibes of his blessings spread through your life.
Material : Black Metal With Copper Finish
Size: Length x width x Height
10.5 x 8 x 23 Inch
Gift this beautiful Laxmiji idol to your loved one on any auspicious occasion and festival as well as for home decor also.