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Brass Idol Collection of Artistically Carved Lady Satue W/ Matka # 1

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Artistically Carved Lady from a brass metal holding a pot over her head. It is a decorative article which reflects handcraftsmanship of Indian Tradition. The brass metal is known for its longevity and golden shine which makes it look very artistic and beautiful.
The visually appealing decorative showpiece has a fabulous finish and it will certainly add grace to your house as well as your office. Made of brass, it ensures durability and is easy to clean.
This beautiful and elegant figure is flawless for your home decoration. Suitable for both interior and exterior decor. Because the item is made from solid brass, it has a warm golden glow that is simply breathtaking.
Material : Brass
Dimension: Length x width x Height
5.25 x 4 x 14.75 Inch