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Brass Lamp w/ 5 Oil Wick (Panch Mukhi), Aarti Diya for Puja w/ Handle - 10"

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Golden brass 5 cotton wick oil diya with handle. Pooja is a must for every Indian home for daily and also especially if you are celebrating any occasion. This beautiful piece of exquisitely handcrafted Panch Aarti in brass is being presented to you for bringing positivity in your home. Panch Aarti embodies the divinity representing five important elements of nature prithvi, jal, agni, vayu and akash. The product features five oil lamps with easy holding handle.

It is a wonderful item for lighting and decoration at Festive times and also for daily to brighten up your house. So, grab one for yourself or your nears & dears, now.
Material : Brass
Size: Length x Width
10 x 7.1 Inch