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Brass Made Antique Wall Hanging Decor of Om Symbol

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Om is a meditative mantra and cultural symbol with great significance for both buddhist and hindu traditions believed to bring the speaker closer to a oneness with the universe. Place this designed OM Wall Hanging on or near entrance which add peace and fortune to your home. Enlighten your home and office with this creative Wall Hanging which reflects the artistic brilliance and adds elegance to your decor; sure to be admired by your guests. It serves as a great gift, especially around religious celebrations and festivities or can give anyone on any occasion.
Material : Brass
Medium - Weight: 0.352 Lbs (Approx)
Size: Height x Length
6 x 3.6 (Inch)
Small - Weight: 0.152 Lbs (Approx)
Size: Height x Length
4 x 2.16 (Inch)