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Brass Traditional Statue of Hindu Goddess Maa Durga - 9"

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Maa Durga or Mother/Goddess Durga is one of the most celebrated and worshipped Goddess in India. In this brass sculpture she is seen in her 8 hands with riding on Lion. Every object in her hand has a meaning.
This Hindu Goddess Statue shows Durga in the traditional way, seated cross legged on the back of a lion. She is holding her usual items, the conch shell, the trident, the sword and the bow. The statue features an elaborately detailed base, and it is constructed entirely out of brass, giving it a luxurious gold color.
The Statue catches the eye when placed on the temple or small home temple. The beauty of this statue makes it an ideal decorative statue for those also who do not subscribe to the Hindu faith but wish to bring some Indian culture to their decor.
Gift this beautiful Maa Durga idol to your loved one on any auspicious occasion and festival as well as for home decor also.
Material : Brass
Dimension: Length x width x Height
8 x 5 x 9 Inch
Weight: Lbs