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Elegant Simple Carving Sevan Wooden Open Temple - 20.5" & 22" Height

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Beautifully crafted Sevan Wooden Open Temple/Mandir for home.
Traditional design with detailed carving - engraved with art embossed on wood. It has intricate carving done by our skilled artisans. Rising to the roof of the temple there are God Ganesha in the middle top roof of the temple.
The temple is best suitable for home, apartment or offices. Created for a long-lasting use, this temple with a high quality is ideal for daily worships.
The wooden temple has 1 drawer to store your pooja accessories and a panel to keep worship books, diya or aarti thali.
- Custom made and imported from India
Material: Sevan Wood
Available in 2 izes:
Width X Depth X Height
16 x 8 x 20.5
18 x 8 x 22