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Natural Black Earthen Clay Cooking Handi /Pot W/Lid - 9"

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Natural clay cooking and serve ware (Handi).
Traditionally used to prepare Curd and your favourite Biryani or a curry and vegetable and gujrati traditional dish - Undhiyo will enhance it's flavour. The Clay is tested to ensure it is totally free of toxins like lead and cadmium. It can be also used to cook any recipe you prepare in a regular metal pot like rice, soups, curries, sautes etc. This earthen eco friendly baked terracotta clay handi pot is ideal for storing your cooked food and serving. That gives it an authentic clay flavor in your food like biryani or curry. Use any food warmer to keep your food warm before serving in this handi.
Includes lid and pot.
Material :- Natural Clay
Size :- 12 x 12 x 9