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Stainless Steel Separator Cooker Container for Home Kitchen

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Food is cooked very quickly retaining all essential nutrients and vitamins making in Stainless steel separators a versatile cooking aid in your kitchen.
Stainless steel separator allows you to cook a whole meal - rice, dal and vegetables all together in few minutes with minimum use of energy.
Suitable for 5 Litre outer lid pressure cookers.
stainless steel cooker separators / container sets are made of high quality stainless steel. The multiple containers can be used to cook multiple food items at the same time like rice, lentils/dals and steam various vegetables with minimum use of fuel and retaining all essential nutrients. This product is suitable for cooker outer lid. This is Quality steel hence it is Light weight & has lifetime guarantee for cracks and black dot.
Avialable Size: - 4 Different Size (Diameter & Height)