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Stainless Steel Tea Pot/Kettel For Home Kitchen/Hotels

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Stainless Steel Teapot:- These Stainless Steel Multipurpose pot for serving tea, coffee, milk etc.
The material used in these multipurpose teapots is highly durable and very strong. These Stainless steel multipurpose teapots are the best tea, coffee, etc serving pots due to their long-lasting nature, ceramic or normal teapots are not durable they broke or get cracked very easily.
Unique Design:- These stainless steel teapots come with a smooth surface and very good touch texture. These teapots are made with high quality and durable stainless steel material.
Easy to Clean - The material of these teapots are no sticky and Easy to Clean In A Rush, You can clean it using a normal dishwasher.
Available in a 2 sizes